Puzzlair: The Poltergeist Room review

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1/A Barton Road, Bristol, BS2 0LF

A widow lived in this room with her daughter and suddenly they disappeared. Every once in a while people see the silhouette of a woman walking around in the rooms.

Date we visited:
28 January 2018

Price at time of visit:

Goats attended:
Daiman, Jenny

Did we escape?

Value for money

7/10At first glance, this was a simplistic game but hid many surprises as well as being a well-flowing game that never felt unfair.


7/10At £27 pp this is the high end price for an escape room. However there is a lot to do in this room so no-one will be stood around with nothing to do. I also liked the passion the hosts showed with the game which adds to the experience.



7/10The room itself was relatively basic, being a child’s room but the experience was augmented with certain elements that I won’t spoil here!


8/10Whilst the game was basically a room; the added decor, music and scary noises added to the theme of the ‘ghostly’ room. I felt the puzzles stuck to the possessed ghostly theme, particularly the ladder positioned perfectly under the noose.



5/10The game itself wasn’t particularly unique with a seemingly never-ending series of padlocks  although the ultimate method of escaping was definitely fresh. The overall atmosphere added something to the experience however.


6/10Having played several possessed style rooms, there was nothing particularly unique. However I felt the dedication from the hosts added to a great experience. I felt sorry for our host having to wait ages for one of us to go into the other room for a cheap scare.



6/10The puzzles were all fair, suited the narrative of the room even if they, mostly, weren’t amazingly interesting. There were a few nice touches that I won’t spoil here!


7/10There were a lot of padlocks in this room, with various different puzzles to solve. The games were in theme to the room, particularly the record player moment! Whilst the puzzles were hard, I thought the logic made sense all the way. We were just let down by our usual lack of hunting for objects.


The good

I appreciated the atmosphere in this game, including one moment where something happened that I was oblivious to until it was too late!


I really liked the game and puzzles. The hosts were really good too.


The bad

It felt like there was a lot to do for two players – I’d recommend three minimum. Also, the padlock combination searching got a little tiresome.


I felt that there was probably too many padlocks.


Overall scores

  • Value for money - 7/10
  • Theming - 7.5/10
  • Uniqueness - 5.5/10
  • Puzzles - 6.5/10